Nasseer Masoodi for KEI Ramadan 2019 fundraiser

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This Ramadan, Invest in a Kashmiri Child's Future.

My name is Nasseer Masoodi. I have been a KEI supporter from the very early days of its operations. I have seen the impact KEI is making in the lives of wonderful, smart but underprivileged kids in our beloved valley. I am honored to be a part of this journey and invite you to do the same. I am starting this campaign to invite my dear friends and colleagues to come forward this Ramadan and join hands with me to support KEI. Invest in a Kashmiri child's future and I promise you a very rewarding return on your investment. 

KEI exists to provide children in Kashmir a supportive environment that promotes motivation, achievement and excellence in learning. KEI enables access to enriching educational opportunities, provide financial assistance, and sustain an engaged community of peers and mentors. We help children realize their potential and develop the skills required to contribute responsibly in a global community. KEI works with students in Kashmir - providing scholarships and 1 on 1 mentoring to promising children who lack resources and are at risk of discontinuing their education. Currently KEI supports more than 700 students from families struggling financially.

KEI annual report can be found here.

Make a difference by Giving Now.

Nasseer Masoodi