Social Awareness Program (SAP)

KEI’s Social Awareness Program (SAP) is being initiated with the aim to encourage the youth of Kashmir to take initiative in ‘being the change they want to see’ at their local/community level. It seeks to promote a sense of empowerment, leadership, community ownership and development among the youth by developing and popularizing the idea of ‘My Kashmir, My Community, My Initiative’.

This program hopes to initiate a process of positive social change and development from the grass-root level. By encouraging students to come up with ideas for change/ development, KEI will help localize the process, making it more organic and sustainable in the long run. This project will also provide scholars a unique opportunity to gain real world experience in the field of social work and familiarize themselves with the process of working towards community building and service, thus providing a more holistic educational experience to them.

The Program invites students/scholars to create project plans and submit the same to KEI by 30th July, 2018. 

We have received your applications and are reviewing them. New applications are not being accepted at this point.