This is truly an invitation for you to engage. Engage by sharing your ideas, by becoming a mentor, by donating, by volunteering for a program, by proposing a new program, or by joining a quarterly call, to name just some of the ways. I hope that you will consider our invitation. Please feel free to reach out with your thoughts or questions by emailing me at We look forward to hearing from you.


Your donation allows us to help children in need and create partnerships with like minded organizations. We have many programs that can benefit from your generous donations. Make a donation, change a child's future.

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Tell your friends and family about these opportunities to make a change. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!

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Sponsor A Childs education 

You can sponsor a child's eduction.Sponsors can either act as full sponsors or partial sponsors and will have an option of making one time payment or in installments.

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