High School scholarship Program (HSSP)

We at KEI believe that no promising Kashmiri child who wants to receive education and bring a positive change in their life and the society they are a part of, should be denied that right for want of financial resources or lack of enabling environment. As such, HSSP is the largest program KEI considers key to our success by entering the lives of our scholars at an early and transformative stage of their lives.In 2017 we successfully completed the 10th year of this program with nearly 3000 students benefiting.These are all exceptionally bright students identified as at-risk of discontinuing education or at least being negatively impacted due to the inadequate financial situation of their families. By awarding scholarships, we act as equalizers and enablers for such students, engaging with them at a young age and through continuous mentoring, counseling and access to opportunities, hope to create leaders of tomorrow.

In 2015, 15 KEI scholars were in top-20 positions in Grade 10 and 4 were in top-20in Grade 12 state level board exams. In addition, many scholars qualified state and national level exams and joined various professional colleges (GMC, SKIMS, GDC, ASSCOMS, KU, IUST etc.)


Number of KEI Scholars

under graduate scholarship Program (UGS)

KEI’s  Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGS) offers  scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who with their hard work excel in National and State level competitive tests like JEE for Engineering and NEET for medical colleges and are finally selected for professional courses in Engineering, Medical and Agriculture.

The program offers:

·         Scholarship support.

·         Guidance for future plans.

·         Connectivity between the previous and new scholars.

KEI’S Undergraduate program started in 2014. It has supported 45 scholars so far with 10 scholars each in 2015 and 2016.In 2017 the program has 15 scholars.

KEI’s undergraduate scholarship program selects 10-15 scholars per year from disadvantaged backgrounds. The selection process is primarily based on merit which includes aggregate of 25% marks in 10th, 25% marks in 12th and 50% score in the competitive entrance test.

KEI Pre-doctoral Scholarship (KEI-PDS)

KEI-PDS is a merit-based scholarship offered to academically outstanding students studying at Master’s level in different Universities/Institutes in Kashmir. The award assists the students in exploring possibility of receiving their M.S/ Ph.D. in United States. The award will have financial and informational support components. The financial provisions of this scholarship will go directly in sponsoring the attempts of needy talented students to secure admission in PhD programs in the United States. The informational component of this award will guide talented students (irrespective of the financial stature) in the application process for securing admissions.

There are three main junctures where students need financial assistance. The first two are the exams: Graduate Research Examination (GRE) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are mandatory for application to almost all PhD programs in the United States. The third is during the actual application process, when the student finally has to pay the university application fee, which often poses a daunting economic obstacle.

KEI provides assistance at and along all three junctures.The selection is primarily based on merit at the board/university level and  a strong Curriculum Vitae (CV) supported with 500-1000 word statement of purpose, briefing the student’s interest in the intended field of study (this is important as it is also one of the selection criterion in US graduate programs and will help us evaluate the student). 

The shortlisted candidates will be asked to sit in the GRE style pre-screening test to be held at Kashmir University (or any other place designated at that time).

Followed by Interview of the shortlisted candidates.The cumulative score is taken from all the three rounds for the final score which includes their academic score as well.

Nine scholars have been selected for PDS 2017 session. Two scholars have already applied for GRE and TOEFL.The plan of action is being prepared for rest of scholars for mentoring and guidance.


For any information regarding these programs please contactus via the Contact us tab or send an email to info@kashmirei.org