To make education the primary imperative in the empowerment and development of individuals, institutions and communities in the conflict ridden regions of the world.


To provide bright but at risk students in conflict ridden regions like Kashmir a supportive and leadership oriented educational environment through mentorship, experiential opportunities and financial assistance.

OUR Values

Transparency and Integrity in our operations
Non-political and Non-Religious nature
A strive for continuous improvement in our functions
An Open Governance Structure

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At Kashmir Education Initiative (KEI) we believe in the children of today.
We want them, even when they are living in one of the many troubled regions of the world, to realize their tremendous latent potential and become the thinking and acting global citizens who will dream up and put together a better future.
— Suhail Rashid, President, KEI

Facts and accomplishments so far

  • Over $700,000 granted in scholarships
  • Over 100 laptops awarded to students
  • 3012 scholarships awarded by 2017
  • 92 cents of every dollar spent goes directly towards financial assistance
  • Organizational excellence with A+ rating with CharityWatch
  • All volunteer board with NO compensation
  • Over 10 years of service to the community